We find joy in doing generous deeds without expecting anything in return. Yet, it's truly remarkable when that same kindness is repaid.

Famous TikTok star Zachery Dereniowski is well-known for his process of asking strangers for one dollar, and then giving the person who offers it a large sum of money to make one of their dreams come true.

Standing on a street close to the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada on February 17, Dereniowski had a yellow, smiley-face balloon that he was asking people to buy for a dollar.

No one accepted his offer until David Kamara came along. He was a very hospitable person and gave Dereniowski a flyer, detailing his career as a musician. To illustrate some of his music, he pulled out his iPad and his enthusiasm was instantly contagious.

From my upbringing in the hood, I was accustomed to going to the Dollarama for dollar store mics...I couldn't have predicted these results,” he told Dereniowski.

In response to Dereniowski's question of whether Kamara wanted to purchase the balloon for a dollar, he suggested an e-transfer of $5, saying, "a dollar is not going to do much.”

In order to assist him, Dereniowski handed Kamara a mysterious balloon, informing him that it would help to realise his greatest ambition when he released it into the sky. Kamara was certain of what he wanted to bring to fruition- a Grammy.

He presented Kamara with a $2,000 check on the spot to help launch his music career. Needless to say, Kamara was overjoyed.

His surprise was evident when he said that nobody would do that for him, and he then announced his plan to share some of the 2,000 with his relatives in Africa.

Kamara was astonished to find that the blessings would continue. Dereniowski notified him that his massive following would now be able to locate his music. The kindhearted influencer even added a caption to the video that revealed Kamara's music was available on Apple and Spotify.