Microsoft has just introduced a new feature in its Edge browser - a tool called "Copilot", which is an AI assistant located in Edge's right-hand sidebar. It is powered by Bing Chat, which is still not available to everyone. If you already have access, then you can use it; otherwise, these features won't be visible in your browser.

To launch Copilot in Edge, tap the Bing Chat emblem located in the top right corner. Before you get started, you must decide on one of three different choices—"precise," "creative," or "balanced." The meanings of these settings are quite clear and will influence Bing's replies to your questions accordingly.

Granting Bing permission to parse the page you are viewing is optional, but if you choose not to, you will be forfeiting some of the benefits of Copilot. For instance, allowing Bing to read the page will enable it to produce a summary of its contents.

With the settings configured, you are ready to start using Copilot. The Chat tab functions as expected: ask a question and receive an answer in plain language – it is similar to having Bing Chat conveniently close at hand, instead of having to visit their website. Despite this, be aware that the chatbot can sometimes provide inaccurate advice, like when it embarrassingly gave The New York Times incorrect guidance on how to pronounce several Spanish words.

The Insights tab offers a shortcut to Bing summarizing a webpage, though the results can be confusing. It offers links and relevant details based on the webpage's keywords, so its usefulness will depend on if you are searching for a summary of the webpage or more external links. If you want a quick summary, it is better to request it through the Chat tab.

The Compose tab in Copilot is likely considered the more beneficial offering. By providing a topic or prompt, users can customize the material to their needs. Choices for the tone of the material include funny, informative, and professional, while the length is adjustable between long, medium, and short. PCWorld reported that when the long option was chosen, the Copilot generated about 370 words of output.

Change the setting to determine if the content is supposed to be an email, a blog entry, a section, or just a compilation of ideas. Exercise caution when using Bing as it may not always return what you need.