What Is The Healthiest Dinner?

You know what time it is?

There’s nothing like sitting down to a tasty meal.

But isn’t it time to think about redesigning that not so healthy dinner plate?

Let’s remake a steak dinner. Steak, broccoli, and fries. Eat less red meat. And when you do, keep the portion small.

Cut back on that stage to make room for more broccoli and add oven-roasted potato wedges, which have less fat than those fries.

Top it off with tomatoes. Up next, a plate of fried chicken, Mac and cheese, and coleslaw.

Switch out that fried chicken with a grilled chicken breast.

Take a pass on the pasta and add creamy mashed cauliflower instead.

And swap that mayo-filled slaw with a colorful veggie salad.

Tacos sure are tasty. But ground beef and all that cheese have a lot of saturated fat.

Redesign by subbing in ground turkey or chicken with chopped mushrooms and red kidney beans.

Top it off with plain, non-fat yogurt instead of sour cream.

Use fresh tomatoes, not salty salsa.

Top the lettuce with a little bit of cheese.

Rather than rice, try corn and peppers.

And even try switching out those taco shells for some healthy, crunchy lettuce.

See, that wasn’t so hard.

A little redesign makes dinner both delicious and nutritious.