Body grief is a universal experience that many women go through as they navigate the changes in their bodies throughout their lives.This emotion includes emotions like sorrow, disappointment, and grief over the "absence" of what their body used to be and the person it detracted from. Body grief can be triggered by various factors such as aging, having children, chronic illness or injury, disability, reactions to medications, trauma, stress, and significant life changes.

The term "body grief" was coined by author Jayne Mattingly, who describes it as the disillusionment and sorrow that comes with simply existing in a body. It is a complex emotional response to the physical changes we experience, and it is not limited to weight gain. Despite the loss of weight, women can experience sadness with their bodies.

Sami Rose spoke about her struggle with her weight, which she had once managed to achieve her goals, only to gain the pounds back again. However, even after losing 55 pounds and receiving compliments from others, she still felt the same insecurities.She had to surrender her obsession with a body type she deemed desirable and she had to grieve the expectations she held for her physical self.

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Body grief is a deeply personal and emotional experience, and many women are now sharing their stories on social media platforms like TikTok. A vast range of ladies have been exposing their body anguish stories on TikTok with the hashtag #bodygrief, the video accumulating a massive 880,000 views so far.These shared stories create a safe space for women to process their feelings and find support from others who have gone thr ough similar experiences.

Women have shared stories of going from being "super skinny" to gaining weight and feeling intense self-hatred as a result. Others have spoken about the challenges of adjusting to postpartum bodies and feeling a sense of loss for their pre-pregnancy bodies. The impact of societal pressure and external comments on body image is also a common theme in these stories.

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So, what can we do about body grief? One suggestion is to focus on aspects of ourselves that are unrelated to our physical appearance. Writing down a list of things we appreciate about ourselves, such as our skills, talents, and personality traits, can help rebuild our identity and reinforce the fact that we are more than just a body. Connecting with others who have experienced or are experiencing body grief can also be incredibly helpful in processing these difficult emotions and finding support.

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Sharing stories and finding support in safe spaces can help women navigate these feelings and build a healthier relationship with their bodies. Nobody should be tasked with suffering the pain of body grief in isolation.