What Can You Not Put In An Air Fryer?

Air fryers have changed the way millions of people cook, offering a healthier take on fried foods.

But there are some foods that are better off not cooked in an air fryer.

Most veggies that you would usually roast come up perfectly in the basket if you pat them dry first and toss with some oil. But not broccoli.

When you cook it till the stems are soft, the tops will scorch and taste bitter. Burgers can cook to medium-rare, but the surface stays gray and won’t sear.

The chicken will cook through, but parts might not brown evenly.

Fish can come out nicely in an air fryer, but it’s apt to have hard rubbery skin.

Grilled cheese sandwiches that are buttered or brushed with oil will toast nicely, but the cheesy mess in the bin and the basket might not be worth it. Battered foods are a recipe for disaster.

The coating doesn’t set right away like it does when you cook in hot oil.

The batter will drip through the basket and can even end up in the heating element.

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