Kylie Kelce may have amused fans with her display of Irish dance skills for St. Patrick's Day, but the mother of three has now revealed that she was tricked into the performance.

In a comical follow-up video posted on TikTok on March 21, Kelce explained to her followers that her husband, former Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce, who enjoys playing pranks, had deceived her into the impromptu Irish dance seen in a viral video over St. Patty's Day weekend.

"Some of you might be aware of this," Kelce begins in the TikTok clip, seated in the front seat of a car while Irish flute music plays in the background.

"It's the third installment of 'Places Kylie Has No Business Being,' and in this case, it's Irish dancing," she continues, wearing a sheepish expression. "To be precise, Irish dancing on a balcony, in a bar, in front of people, alongside actual Irish dancers."


The third edition of places Kylie has no business being! If you want timely posts, you’ve come to the wrong place.

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"Absolutely not," the former standout college field hockey player insists, her head swaying from side to side. "I haven't done Irish dancing since around seventh grade, except for the occasional attempt during college, especially when I wasn't entirely sober.

"I had no business being there, none whatsoever," she remarks before showcasing footage of her performance over St. Patrick's Day weekend at Media's Towne House. Kelce points out a young dancer named Maggie in the video, attributing her presence to their decision to visit the bar.

"This little one here is the reason we ended up at this bar in the first place," she reveals. "We came to see Maggie perform with her Irish dance school, the McHugh School of Irish Dance."

Kelce humorously comments on her unsure demeanor in the dance footage. "Notice the raised eyebrows. That's the moment where my headshake was saying, 'I really shouldn't be up here,'" she jokes.

The spouse of an NFL player further elaborates on her history with Irish dance, noting that it's been quite some time. "I started Irish dancing when I was around 4 years old and stopped probably around seventh grade," she explains.

"My sister stuck with it longer and was far better," she adds.

Kelce directs viewers' attention to her expression in the video. Despite dancing on the balcony, she gazes directly at two men in the crowd below: Jason Kelce and their close friend, Chuck.

"Pay attention to this expression," she remarks. "That's the 'oh, you think you're funny?' look, and I'm shooting that straight over to the two men who volunteered me for this little stunt."

Kelce concludes her lighthearted video by quipping, "Better watch your back," before expressing gratitude, "Thank you to everyone for being so encouraging as I make a fool of myself."

The McHugh School of Irish Dance, situated in Aston, Pennsylvania, posted a video featuring Kelce dancing alongside Maggie and the rest of the group. Additionally, the school shared a photo capturing Kylie and Jason Kelce posing with the young dancers from the school.

Following their St. Patrick's Day festivities at the Towne House, the Kelces also took photos, which the restaurant later shared on Instagram.