This weekend, the NFL playoffs will escalate in intensity as the Baltimore Ravens welcome the Kansas City Chiefs for the AFC championship game, while the Detroit Lions journey west to face the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC title clash.

Some individuals speculate that the winners of these games have already been predetermined, as the victorious teams will secure a spot in the 2024 Super Bowl, despite the fact that the games themselves have not yet taken place.

Indeed, certain football enthusiasts believe that the Super Bowl logo, revealed last February, may provide a hint regarding the teams that will compete in the championship game.

What is the Super Bowl logo conspiracy?

There is speculation among some individuals that the colors incorporated into the 2024 logo may symbolize the teams destined to compete in the game. Notably, this year’s logo showcases a purple hue reminiscent of the Ravens’ colors, accompanied by a touch of red reminiscent of the 49ers’ colors.

Red is a prevalent color among NFL teams. Apart from the 49ers and the Chiefs, who are both still in contention for the Super Bowl, several other teams incorporate varying degrees of red into their logos. Among them are the Arizona Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Commanders, New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons, Buffalo Bills, and Houston Texans. Additionally, the Tennessee Titans, New England Patriots, and Pittsburgh Steelers also include elements of red in their logos.

Purple is less common among NFL teams. Apart from the Ravens, the Minnesota Vikings are the only other team to prominently feature it in their color scheme.

Is this the first year of this conspiracy?

It's interesting you mention that. Skeptics will note that the logo for the 2023 Super Bowl featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and Chiefs showcased green for the Eagles and red for Kansas City. Similarly, the 2022 Super Bowl between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams incorporated orange (representing the Bengals) and yellow (representing the Rams).

In the years leading up to those games, the NFL utilized a consistent logo for the Super Bowl, featuring a slight variation of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, thereby dispelling any notions of a conspiracy. Prior to that period, each Super Bowl had its own distinct and unique logo.

Is there any truth to the conspiracy?

The truth may remain elusive, but skeptics suggesting a preordained showdown between the 49ers and Ravens should acknowledge that each team holds the top seed in its conference. Baltimore secured the No. 1 seed in the AFC with an NFL-best 13-4 record this season, while San Francisco’s 12-5 record earned it the No. 1 seed in the NFC.

In the playoffs, Baltimore claimed victory in its first game by defeating the Houston Texans 34-10 in the divisional round. Meanwhile, San Francisco staged a comeback to defeat the upstart Green Bay Packers 24-21 in their divisional round matchup.

When will the Super Bowl matchup be set?

The Ravens and Chiefs are scheduled to play on January 28 at 3 p.m. ET in a game televised on CBS. Following that, the Lions and 49ers will face each other at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

The victorious teams will then converge at Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium for the Super Bowl, which is set for 6:30 p.m. ET on February 11 and will be broadcast on CBS.