BooBoo's parents had nearly lost hope, almost a year after their beloved cat went missing. Vanore Voaklander and her husband had been diligent in their search for BooBoo, who disappeared during a short trip outside their home near Edmonton. They scoured local parks, hung up announcements, and even offered a reward, yet their feline remained lost.It seemed like they would never see BooBoo again.

Tow-truck driver Darren Labelle has a surprise encounter when he saw BooBoo near his shop, as it was 10 miles away from his home. BooBoo was ailing, filthy and in poor shape, however Labelle didn't think twice in giving assistance.He gradually provided BooBoo with nourishment and afforded him housing inside.It became clear to Labelle that BooBoo must have been a domesticated cat.

Wanting to reunite BooBoo with his family, Labelle posted a photo of the cat on a Facebook page for lost animals. In a time space of one hour, the Voaklanders caught sight of the post and hurriedly embarked on the mission to rescue their treasured feline. When they finally brought BooBoo home, they said he slept for three straight days, clearly exhausted from his ordeal.

Although they may never know exactly what happened, the Voaklanders believe that someone may have stolen BooBoo and then abandoned him. Regardless of the circumstances, they wanted to show their gratitude to Labelle for rescuing their cat. Coming back to show their appreciation, they gave him a few presents, including the $1,000 reward.

At first, Labelle declined the reward, but he eventually accepted it. He resolved to utilize the money to nourish other stray cats that have passed his store, hoping to find a place to settle down. Labelle's act of kindness not only reunited BooBoo with his family but also helped other cats in need.

This heartwarming story reminds us that heroes don't always wear capes. Sometimes, they come in the form of everyday people willing to go out of their way to help animals in need. The Voaklanders will forever be grateful to Labelle for rescuing BooBoo and bringing him back home.