Despite Tom Cruise's efforts to maintain financial obligations to his ex-wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri, it seems that the Mission: Impossible star has no relationship with his daughter, according to insiders.

Suri, who is turning 17 next month, was granted full custody to Holmes when they divorced more than a decade ago. Cruise was only granted visitation rights and was ordered to pay $33,333.33 a month, which equates to $400,000 annually, until Suri turns 18. Suri's expenses, which include medical, dental, insurance, education, college, and extracurricular costs, were ordered to be covered by him, with a total of $4.8 million.

Despite Cruise's financial support, insiders reveal that he has no role in Suri's life, and the teenager does not know her father anymore. She has not spent time with him in a decade and does not watch his movies.

The strained relationship between Cruise and Suri is believed to be due to a combination of factors, including the actress's overprotectiveness towards her daughter and Cruise's busy schedule. It is also said that Holmes' decision to leave Scientology after her divorce from Cruise further complicated the situation.

While Cruise has not publicly commented on his relationship with his daughter, insiders claim that he is aware of the strained relationship and would like to improve it if given a chance. However, Holmes is reportedly extremely protective of Suri and has no plans to facilitate a relationship between father and daughter.

It is unclear if Suri has any interest in reconnecting with her father, as she has reportedly moved on and is focused on her studies and future. Nevertheless, the lack of a relationship between Cruise and his daughter has fueled speculation and rumors in the entertainment industry, with many wondering if the actor will try to reconnect with Suri in the future.