The 16 Way To Cook Chicken Wings At Home.

Hot wings cooked 16 ways,

roasted at high and low heat,

grilled on and off the heat,





and several combination methods.

Several methods were put to the test: high and low temperatures, and racks versus pan.

Although wings on a pan produce a crispy crust, it was convection roasting with a rack that resulted in the juiciest meat.

They’re crispy, they’re about as close as you can get to fried without using a deep fryer or an air fryer, and we also just like them because you don’t need another appliance.

Some swear by broiling wings at a high heat, some like to keep it low. But it was the wings that were boiled in salted water followed by a hot broil that ruled the roost. And they were placed on a baking sheet with no wrap, a brave twist that went against expectations.

These wings were beautifully browned and crispy, with no need to scrub a wire rack.

Pitted indirect and direct heat method paired with foil or boiling in salted water.

Our found the started over indirect heat, and finished on hot grate, producing a tasty char that was a crowd favorite.