Ohio-based neurosurgeon Dr. Brian Hoeflinger has become a TikTok sensation with his educational videos and lifestyle tips. In one of his most popular videos, Dr. Hoeflinger uses shot glasses filled with water to demonstrate how consuming alcohol affects the body.

Dr.Hoeflinger illustrates that upon drinking alcohol, it will quickly traverse the bloodstream and attain the brain in five minutes. This is because the liver can only metabolize one ounce of alcohol per hour, meaning that even after an hour of drinking, the majority of the alcohol consumed remains in the bloodstream.

Dr. Hoeflinger illustrates this with an example of a party where he consumes eight ounces of alcohol over two hours.Despite having metabolized two ounces of alcohol, he still has six ounces left in his body, which will take another six hours to be fully used up. This means that even if someone stops drinking after a few hours, they may still be intoxicated and unable to drive for several more hours.

The video has resonated with viewers, especially parents with children of drinking age and designated drivers. Dr. Hoeflinger's message is personal, as he lost his 18-year-old son to drunk driving nearly a decade ago. He urges viewers to take an Uber or Lyft home to avoid risking their own or others' lives.

While the video focused on liquor, the same principles apply to wine and beer. Healthline suggests that intake should be restricted to one big glass of wine every three hours and one pint of beer every two. Additionally, consuming food before drinking, sipping drinks slowly, avoiding shots, and alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can help prevent intoxication.

Drinking and driving is a serious issue that affects countless people every day. Dr. Hoeflinger's video serves as an important reminder of the dangers of alcohol consumption and the importance of making responsible choices.

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