Six months ago, the world lost a precious soul, a 6-year-old boy named Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez. The quest that began in search of a missing child has since shifted to a heartbreaking inquiry into his demise.The authorities announced on Thursday that they have reason to believe that Noel is no longer alive, leaving his family and community in a state of shock and despair.

Worries were raised by Noel's family members in regards to the wellbeing of the seven siblings, instigating an inquiry. On March 20th, during a welfare check at their Everman, Texas residence, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, Noel's mother, purportedly told authorities that the child was with his father in Mexico. However, Rodriguez-Singh and her husband Arshdeep Singh (not Noel's father) absconded the country with their six other children two days later, abandoning Noel.

The investigation went on, and it was revealed that Noel had been seen living in October. People described him as looking emaciated and in poor health. Rodriguez-Singh supposedly made a few remarks saying she thought Noel was "evil," "possessed," and contained a "demon" within him. It is also reported that she said she was scared he would injure the newborns.

Authorities allege that Rodriguez-Singh was abusive and neglectful towards Noel, striking him in the face with keys for drinking water and withholding food and water from him.

Rodriguez-Singh has put forward a multitude of theories about Noel's whereabouts, such as suggesting he was with his dad in Mexico and selling him to a woman in the parking lot of a grocery store.However, all of her claims have been disproven. Authorities have issued warrants for Rodriguez-Singh and her spouse and are attempting to extradite them from India.

As the community mourns the loss of Noel, a candlelight vigil will be held outside the civic center in Everman. Let us come together to honor Noel's memory and to remember that every child deserves to be loved and protected.