The Most Amazing Tattoos Done In The World 2021!

Look at this tattoo! A nice little Dhalsim action going on his forearm with what looks like a Rasta Kung Fu guy! Not bad!

This tattoo of a baby on this lady’s boobs is absolutely realistic……buuuuut I mean, I kinda feel bad for her dude though, cuz, that’s gotta be a mood killer! (this one for appearing) Wow, it definitely looks like this guy has a skin jacket on with those hyper realistic buttons going down his stomach!

Ok, it’s not a real tattoo, but it’s an art piece by Japanese artist, Choo San!

This is a really cool piece; I don’t know much about art, but this piece just LOOKS cool, and I can’t really explain why! I’d definitely be interested in hearing the story behind this one. The lace and intricate details on this tattoo is just so crazy.

Look at the details and the shading to make the tattoo gun look like it’s tucked into the garter!

I DO hope this is a chick’s leg though!

I’m not too sure what motivates someone to get a leaf tattooed on their arm, but when they do, I hope it looks like this! Definitely a great piece, and it absolutely matches this guy’s skin tone!

Here’s another outdoor themed tattoo; it’s an interesting piece that’s definitely well done with the shading and allllll the little details!

This tattoo is definitely not your average heart tattoo! We have a heart that’s on fire that goes up her throat. I know one thing for sure; she’s definitely a trooper to take all that tapping on the sternum!

This Spiderman chest piece is sooooooo well done… absolutely looks like someone is ripping away this dude’s skin to reveal the spidey suit!

This piece is just one of those crazy optical illusions that make you think her leg is made of wood! I wonder how it looks in real life!

I’m not too sure if this is a REAL tattoo or just a photoshop! What do you guys think? Cool concept regardless!

Here’s another piece that’s almost inexplicable, but just cool to look at because it just draws you in. I wonder what part of the body this piece is on!

Here’s another body painting by Japanese artist Choo San. The zipper and the backbone really make this a cool art piece!

What the f* is this one?! A bunch of random numbers and dots?! Oh wait, you’re supposed to trace the dots…..and then it becomes a giraffe!! Ohhh you funny hipster you!! Check out this awesome Mayan piece!!

The way the shading is done makes this piece look 3D….and it makes this guy’s arm look like it has a crater in it!

This tattoo is another hyper-realistic tattoo that’s on a chick’s foot…..if

I saw her foot in real life, I’d definitely have to do a double take and then tell her to get a manicure If this isn’t creative to do with a body part, then I don’t know what is!

Here’s a fun fact about dolphins: they actually give each other names with special sounds!

Holy s* look at THIS tattoo!! It so looks like this dude has a giant black widow on his shoulder! Not too sure what exactly “The Amne” is, but I’m sure it means something to this dude, I hope! The execution on this tattoo is just crazy with the 3D!

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