It's fascinating to consider the stark differences between introverts and extroverts. While one thrives off of crowds, public spaces, and staying out late, the other would much rather cozy up in their pajamas and read a book alone before 10 p.m. to recharge their energy.

Although we are all humans, the contrast in personality traits almost makes it seem like we're two completely different species. This particular couple made a funny video, which they posted on the "Holderness Family Laughs" YouTube channel.The video features Penn Holderness narrating in his best David Attenborough style, while his introverted wife, Kim, ventures out of her natural habitat (home) and into the "wild" (to extroverts that means going outside).

Kim visits various locations like Target, Panera, the gym and the park. Despite the strong protection of wearing airpods and pretending to be on a call, she is still unable to dodge the people who have "evolved" and "adapted" to be more talkative.

The couple's depiction of introverts and extroverts was spot on, as many introverts who watched the video could relate to Kim's experiences.

"This video is so relatable. Making small talk with strangers is terrifying!"

"Feeling exhausted after being in public is so accurate."

"I applaud Kim's tactics and can definitely relate."

"This is so me! You have definitely nailed our characters. I'm not above ducking and dodging when I come across someone I'd rather not speak with. As soon as I spot them, I'll start backing up, then make a beeline to the other side of the store."

View below and be certain to share with the introverts in your life.

In conclusion, the differences between introverts and extroverts are striking, and this spoof video provides a humorous take on the topic. Many introverts can relate to Kim's experiences in the video and appreciate the accurate depiction of their personality traits.