Taylor Swift's announcement of her upcoming album, "The Tortured Poets Department," at the Grammys on Feb. 4 has sparked the imagination of the internet, with fans speculating about its theme, including references to Swift's ex Joe Alwyn and current partner, NFL player Travis Kelce. However, amidst the speculation, social media users have also taken the opportunity to share humorous takes on the album title.

One particularly popular tweet came from Eric Harvey, who shared an old post from Kelce's account alongside the caption: "'The Tortured Poets Department,'" referencing Swift's album title. The tweet humorously juxtaposed Kelce's contemplative statement about the moon with the album's potentially deep and poetic connotations.

The post harkens back to a trend from November when Swifties revived Kelce's old tweets, some featuring creative spellings like "squirle" instead of squirrel and "Chipolte" instead of Chipotle.

Fans eagerly embraced the opportunity to create memes about the upcoming album, particularly after Swift revealed the tracklist on Feb 5.

People swiftly drew comparisons between Taylor Swift's upcoming album and literary works such as "Little Women" and the film "Dead Poets Society."

"@goslingsfilms tweeted, "Taylor Swift sat down, watched these back-to-back, and went and created 'The Tortured Poets Department' just for them."

Many fans concurred that Jo March from "Little Women" would likely be a member of "The Tortured Poets Department."

@Leanbean28 humorously suggested members of the boy band One Direction as allegedly tortured poets for the fictional department, sharing an old photo of the group.

"@pambisly joked, "the REAL tortured poets department," alongside a photo of some of the cast from "The Office" wearing berets.

Another user, @julesnonsenses, shared that Prince Henry from the book-turned-film "Red White and Royal Blue" would obviously be a fit for "The Tortured Poets Department."

Another fan, @dumbandfunn, humorously suggested that "Sex and the City" star Carrie Bradshaw would have undoubtedly been the head of the department.

Another fan speculated that Conrad Fisher from "The Summer I Turned Pretty" would have also been a member of "The Tortured Poets Department."

"@lizzzzzielogan wrote, "Everyone's references are very good and smart but please realize tortured poets department means this," alongside a photo of "10 Things I Hate About You" lead Kat Stratford after she tearfully delivers her famous poem.

For now, fans will eagerly decipher the track list as Swift releases singles leading up to the album's release on April 19.