Reality TV star Carl Radke has called for his Summer House co-stars to apologize to Lindsay Hubbard. Radke believes that his fellow cast members owe Hubbard an apology for blaming her for things that are not her fault. He hopes that the apologies will be made during the upcoming Season 7 reunion.

In addition, he spoke about leaving Kyle Cooke's Loverboy company and urged the cast to fault him instead of his future wife. Radke stressed that Hubbard was blameless.

Several unnamed Summer House stars previously claimed that Hubbard “changed” Radke ever since they started dating in fall 2021. However, Hubbard said in a recent interview that she was simply supporting Radke throughout the summer, including when he made the decision to step down from the alcohol company after working there for three years.

Hubbard expressed her frustration with her co-stars, saying that they always blame her for everything. She added that she has seen this happening over the last couple of seasons and even on the Bravo spinoff Winter House, which she and Radke only joined for two days.

Radke agreed with Hubbard, acknowledging the obvious divide between the cast right now. He argued that they need to figure out the “deep-rooted resentment” some of their co-stars have for them if they want the show to continue being successful in the future.

Radke and Cooke were initially able to squash their beef before the current season of Summer House aired. However, their repaired friendship doesn’t seem to have lasted very long. Cooke recently called Hubbard the “most calculated person” he’s ever met after she expressed similar sentiments about her co-star during Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” live show last month.

The seventh season of Summer House airs on Bravo on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.