Street artists create something special. While the art world can be an elitist area for those with money, street art is meant for all. It could be something huge, like a mural, or it might be very small. In fact, some of the best street art is so tiny that it can be overlooked if you're not alert. Those who are, however, can come across some pleasing surprises.

Public art is an expression of love to those unknown to us, a way of connecting without uttering a single syllable. It conveys, "Greetings, fellow human. Here's a bit of something to make you cheerful, purely out of kindness."

David Zinn's street art is a gift to the public.Zinn has generated a world of characters that show up in unanticipated spots. For example, Gerald the otter, who is in a tree stump, is awaiting a mysterious rendezvous.

Using chalk and charcoal, Zinn brings his lineup of characters to life in the most peculiar places, like splits, pavements and tree trunks. He doesn't anticipate them to be permanent;he even claims that the fleeting quality makes them more valuable.

Artistic masterpieces showcased in museums are seen by thousands of people every single day. However, this? You could be part of the few who can view it before it's gone, he told CBS Mornings. That's pretty special.

Nadine the mouse can be seen in numerous of Zinn's creations, most likely because of her petite size allowing her to fit into limited areas.

On occasion, he sources materials in the natural world to generate an artwork.

His drawings have a three-dimensional quality that makes one feel as though the characters have come to life.

He has crafted a life for himself by refusing to use plain canvases, and instead displaying his creativity in public for a period of time before offering versions that will endure. Quite ingenious, really.