Refusing the practice of tipping in their cafe, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the originators of the series 'South Park', made sure that their plan was put in place.

When bankruptcy befell Casa Bonita, a Mexican eatery situated in Lakewood, Colorado, the creators swooped in 2021 and reopened the spot last week after a hefty $40 million overhaul.

The eatery was highlighted on a segment of 'South Park' season seven.

Among the restaurant's premier regulations is that customers may not give gratuity to their servers.

According to Axios Denver, employees were presented with new agreements days before the opening declaring that servers and bartenders would be rewarded with $30 per hour in lieu of tips. This left them with a day to determine if they wanted to accept the new contract or part ways.

In Colorado, the labor department has mandated that the lowest pay permitted must be $13.65.

Stefanie Jones, a spokesperson from Casa Bonita, commented to Axios Denver in a statement regarding their staff:

Our restaurant has gone through a beta-testing period, and in light of that, we have adjusted our compensation system in order to make it both more efficient and just.