Selena Gomez revealed the truth behind her "strong" facade: the body-shaming comments had a great impact on her, and despite her attempts to act nonchalant, she would cry to herself.

She previously shared images of herself to demonstrate that negative remarks were inconsequential. Doing so, she attempts to give solace to those facing similar issues. She believes no one should feel inferior.

Gomez, initially diagnosed with lupus in 2014, has been open about her illness and the effect of the drugs she takes. She said in a February TikTok Live video, “I often carry excess water weight while on medication, and I tend to lose weight when I'm not. I want to encourage those who feel ashamed of their condition to know they are beautiful, wonderful, and healthy."

Following 3 years since her initial diagnosis, Gomez was given a kidney from her close friend Raisa. Gomez expressed her gratitude for Raisa, saying "I will never, ever be more indebted to anyone than to Francia. Her decision to donate was unbelievably moving."

Gomez, best known for her song "Wolves," made headlines recently for her dispute with Hailey Bieber. She then announced on a TikTok livestream that she would be taking a brief online break, saying, "I'm too old for this." She later returned, advocating for more empathy towards mental health.