April Fool's Day in the Northeast will be no laughing matter weather-wise. The storm system responsible for causing problems in the central U.S. will travel east on Saturday, creating a range of potentially risky and gusty weather conditions.

Alongside the rain and thunderstorms, the storm will bring strong winds, ushering in an unexpected chill to a wide area of the Eastern Seaboard and further. Residents should prepare for showers and thunderstorms starting mid-day Saturday, with major cities like New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. in the impact area.

Severe weather may reach far south to northern Florida and far north to southwestern New England, causing potential ground stops in important hubs. Consequently, air travelers should stay up-to-date on the situation.

Predictions of windy gusts up to 60 mph cover a wide area from Ohio to West Virginia, as well as Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. There is potential for some gusts to become even more powerful, reaching up to 70 mph and close to hurricane-force levels.

The gale-force winds will almost certainly be responsible for tree branches falling and causing power outages. Woods pose a greater danger, with the chance of tree limbs coming down.

This pre-Easter weekend, numerous communities will celebrate the arrival of spring with egg hunts and other activities; however, the weather may prove to be a hindrance for these events and for the full opening weekend of Major League Baseball.

As the storm moves out into the Atlantic Ocean and up into Canada, temperatures are expected to plunge by Saturday night, especially in major cities such as New York City and Washington, D.C., falling from the 70s to the 50s.

The incoming cold air could cause any lingering dampness to turn into snow showers on Saturday afternoon and night, particularly in northeastern Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania, western and northern New York, and northwestern New England. If lake-effect snow is initiated, a few inches of accumulation could be expected.

Temperatures may be lower on Sunday than Saturday, but the drier conditions make this the most pleasant day of the weekend.The mid-Atlantic and central Appalachians may still have windy conditions in the morning, extending to upstate New York and New England throughout the day.

As we look to the future, the eastern United States will be warmer in the beginning of the week. Nevertheless, the central U.S. could face more winter weather when a new storm system arrives. Check the forecast to gauge how this evolving weather could affect your week.