Last Thursday, March 16th, the famous 54-year-old chef shared an Instagram video demonstrating how she creates her iconic wavy hairstyle, employing both traditional and modern methods for the ideal outcome. Humorously, the mother of four added to the clip, “I’m a velcro roller influencer now. Wait till the end, it eventually works. (I think.)”

The started with drying your hair until it’s almost dry but still slightly damp. Create voluminous curls by utilizing large Velcro rollers and rolling them backward.Wear them at home for 1 to 2 hours, occasionally using the hair dryer on the rolled hair for a minute or so. She demonstrated her technique of utilizing rollers in specific areas of her locks while styling the rest with a curling iron. After removing the accessories, she re-works strands of hair with her curler, applies the finishing product and then twirls around to reveal the back of her hairdo.

She gave an in-depth account of her go-to style.Once you are set, begin taking out the rollers, winding each clump of hair as you proceed: clamp near the scalp and curl from there, leaving an inch or two of hair at the end (do not clamp it).

The Brady Bunch's Maureen McCormick reacted to the post with a heart-eyes emoji, and globetrotting TV star Samantha Brown wrote, "Love this! Velcro rollers are my trusty companion when I'm on the road!"

Admirers of the Food Network star congratulated her on losing more than 60 pounds in recent years. After her kid left for college, she hit a low point and realized she was overindulging in food. Although people were inspired by her transformation, she expressed that the most important thing is that she feels great.