Actress Rachel Bilson recently shared a story about a flirtation she had with singer Justin Timberlake during the early 2000s. Bilson revealed the encounter on her podcast, "Broad Ideas With Rachel Bilson," where she discussed how Timberlake was a big star at the time and how she was obsessed with him.

"During that time, Justin Timberlake was at the height of his fame. My friends and I were at a party where he happened to be, and I was completely enamored with him," she shared.

However, the moment was ruined when her cohost, Olivia Allen, got drunk and inserted herself between Bilson and Timberlake, embarrassing Bilson in the process.

Despite the awkwardness, Timberlake took the situation in jest and jokingly referred to Allen as the "enemy" in a friendly manner.

It appears that the twosome were not meant to be. Timberlake and Biel got married in 2012 and welcomed their two children, Silas and Phineas, in 2015 and 2020. In contrast, Bilson's daughter Briar Rose, 8, was born during her previous relationship with Hayden Christensen. However, the pair ended their ten-year relationship in 2017.

In the past few years, Bilson has established a reputation for being forthcoming about subjects like sex and relationships.This year, her straightforwardness came back to haunt her as she was fired for openly stating her desire to be "manhandled" by a sexual partner.

"Discussing the events of the week on her podcast "Broad Ideas," Bilson shared that she had lost a job for speaking openly and humorously about sex. Never before in her career did she encounter a situation like this one."

She found it particularly perplexing that in this modern era, discussing sex can lead to losing a job. The incident has prompted her to reconsider her level of openness in the future.


"For a single mother like myself, these jobs are essential. I put in a lot of effort to support both my family and my daughter. Despite the importance of these jobs, I never had a chance to defend myself. This situation is truly frustrating.”