Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin's playful feud persisted at the 2024 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Throughout this year's award season, Pascal and Culkin found themselves nominated in the same categories for their respective roles in "The Last of Us" and "Succession," trading wins at events like the Golden Globes and Emmys.

At the SAG Awards on February 24, the two actors competed once more for outstanding performance by a male actor in a drama series. Pascal clinched the award and, in his acceptance speech, jokingly admitted to being "a little drunk" before expressing gratitude to HBO, his family, and others.

Although Pascal refrained from continuing their onstage banter during his speech, he shared a playful moment with "Queer Eye" star Tan France backstage, discussing his win over Culkin.

When France asked Pascal about Culkin and whether he planned to tease him at the afterparty, Pascal humorously replied, "I’m going to make out with Kieran tonight…That will be my revenge."

Later, Pascal and Culkin reunited after both winning awards, with Culkin snagging a trophy for best ensemble in a drama series for "Succession."

In an amusing exchange captured by Entertainment Tonight, Culkin reacted to Pascal's plans to kiss him at the afterparty, adding, "He also did ask if I want to smell his pits, that was weird."

Culkin also joked that despite his own win, Pascal was still holding onto a trophy that technically belonged to him from their shared category.

The faux frenemies have shared numerous other humorous interactions throughout this year's award season.

Jan. 7, 2024: 81st Golden Globe Awards

Both actors found themselves vying for the same category at this year's Golden Globes, where Culkin ultimately secured the award for best actor in a drama series for his portrayal of Roman Roy in "Succession."

During his acceptance speech, Culkin playfully teased Pascal, igniting their ongoing award show banter.

“Thanks to ‘Succession,’ I’ve been here a couple of times, it’s nice. I accepted I wasn’t going to be on this stage. So this is a nice moment,” he quipped. “Suck it, Pedro.”

Playfully brandishing his award, Culkin added, “Sorry. Mine.”

Pascal's reaction, captured on camera, began with laughter before he theatrically pouted and feigned tears for the camera.

Jan. 15, 2024: 75th Primetime Emmy Awards

Less than two weeks later, Pascal seized his opportunity for revenge on Culkin while presenting the award for best supporting actor in a drama series at the 2023 Emmy Awards, which were rescheduled from Sept. 18, 2023, to Jan. 15, 2024, due to the writers and actors strikes.

Before announcing the nominees, Pascal took a moment to address the speculation surrounding his arm in a sling.

“A lot of people have been asking about my arm. It’s actually my shoulder, and I think tonight is a perfect time to tell everyone that Kieran Culkin beat the s--- out of me,” Pascal humorously revealed.

The camera swiftly focused on Culkin, who initially appeared to give Pascal a stern glare while the audience erupted in laughter. However, as Pascal proceeded to list the nominees, Culkin couldn't contain his laughter and broke character, joining in on the amusement.

Feb. 24, 2024: 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards

Despite besting Culkin at the SAG Awards, Pascal opted not to use his speech to poke fun at the actor. Instead, he waited until his post-win interview to playfully seek his "revenge."

During his interview with France, Pascal jokingly mentioned that he would kiss Culkin at the afterparty, sharing a heartfelt story about their friendship before their faux feud during award season.

Pascal reminisced about their initial meeting, describing Culkin as "the greatest."

“I can remember years and years ago him taking one of my younger siblings to an FAO Schwartz in Manhattan and I was doing a play at second stage,” he recounted. “But he came up to me and complimented me on the play. He was already famous, having been a lead in a movie called ‘Igby Goes Down,’ and he approached me in public just to tell me that.”

While Pascal admitted that Culkin "doesn’t remember this at all," he still did.

“It’s been amazing to see him in (Succession) to the point of which I even feel guilty about not seeing his speech tonight, but it’ll be fine,” he remarked.