In a shocking incident, a pastor from North Carolina has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a McDonald's cook. Dwayne Waden, 57, reportedly received a call from his wife, who works at the fast-food restaurant, claiming that she was being disrespected by coworkers during her manager training on December 28.

Upon arriving at the McDonald's, Waden walked behind the counter and proceeded to assault one of his wife's colleagues. Witnesses say he placed his hands around the victim's neck, punched him multiple times in the face, and attempted to push his head into a deep fryer. Other employees had to intervene to stop the attack, and the injured worker was later taken to the hospital with a significant contusion on his forehead, a black eye, and neck scratches.

The High Point Police Department reviewed the restaurant's security footage, leading to Waden's arrest on charges of assault and battery. He has since posted a $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on January 22. Waden, who is not only a pastor at Elevated Life International Ministries but also a truck driver, is facing legal consequences for the disturbing incident.