A 25-year-old mom from Oklahoma, Jaiden George, has stirred up quite the chatter online with her parenting style, especially when it comes to dealing with bullies. With two little rascals, aged 5 and 12 months, she's not afraid to tackle tough topics head-on.

George believes in teaching her kids to stand their ground against bullies while also stressing the importance of seeking adult help. She's all about telling her boys to speak up, but if the bullies keep coming, she's all for them defending themselves.

Her take comes from her own childhood struggles with bullies. She felt like a sitting duck because no one ever taught her how to fight back. Plus, with her older son dealing with ADHD and autism, she's even more determined to make sure he's prepared to stand up for himself now and in the future.

Some folks are totally on board with George, saying it's about time kids learn to stick up for themselves. Others aren't so sure, thinking maybe there's a better way than fighting fire with fire or questioning if she's got enough parenting experience.

But it's not just bullying that's got people talking. George's parenting playbook includes some other interesting plays, like a no-sleepover policy, a laissez-faire attitude towards veggies, and a family sleepover every night. It's safe to say this mom's not afraid to color outside the lines when it comes to raising her kiddos.