Miss Universe Thailand 2022, Anna Sueangam-iam, made a powerful statement at the pageant by wearing an evening gown crafted from pull tabs of soft-drink cans. The unique dress, named the 'Hidden Precious Diamond Dress,' was designed by the Thai fashion brand Manirat. The inspiration behind the gown was a heartfelt tribute to Sueangam-iam's parents, her father being a garbage collector and her mother a street sweeper.

Sueangam-iam, who grew up in a slum in Bangkok and played with toys her parents found in the trash, shared the significance of her gown on Instagram. The can tabs symbolize her parents' occupations and serve as a representation of the value and beauty that can be found in what society often considers worthless. The 24-year-old emphasized her unique upbringing surrounded by garbage and recyclables, aiming to convey the message that even discarded materials have their own worth.

This powerful fashion statement not only showcases creativity and innovation but also highlights the importance of recognizing the value in the seemingly mundane and overlooked aspects of life. Sueangam-iam's story serves as an inspiration, challenging societal perceptions and promoting the idea that beauty and value can be found in unexpected places.