In a recent episode of the Las Culturistas podcast, RuPaul's Drag Race judge Michelle Visage opened up about her experience with Scientology and how she eventually left the controversial religion. Visage revealed that her longtime friend Leah Remini, who is also a former Scientologist, introduced her to the church. However, after learning more about Scientology's beliefs, Visage decided to quit paying for the expensive courses.

Visage explained that she initially thought the self-help aspect of the courses would be beneficial to her life as a single parent. She started with the cheaper courses, but eventually, she was asked to pay $1,800 for a course. Visage couldn't afford it, and when she expressed this to the church, they suggested that she borrow a friend's credit card. Visage considered it after being told that fellow celebrity Scientologist Jenna Elfman had done the same. However, Visage ultimately decided against it, realizing that something didn't feel right.

The breaking point for Visage came when she studied the "tone scale," which Scientology uses to rate people in life. She discovered that murderers, pedophiles, and homosexuals were all rated towards the bottom of the scale. Shocked by this revelation, Visage closed the book and decided to quit Scientology for good. She confronted her teacher about what she had seen on the scale and walked out.

Visage expressed admiration for Remini, who left Scientology on her own terms and has since dedicated her career to exposing alleged wrongdoings within the church. Remini and former high-ranking church official Mike Rinder created the Emmy-winning documentary series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which provides an intimate portrayal of life inside the church based on the experiences of former members. They continue to discuss various aspects of Scientology on their podcast, Fair Game.

In the past, the church has denied the allegations made by Remini and labeled her comments as "vitriolic religious hate and bigotry."