In a remarkable incident in Haryana, India, an 80-year-old man, Darshan Singh Brar, declared "dead" by doctors, experienced a miraculous turn of events. Brar, who had been admitted to the hospital due to deteriorating health and subsequently placed on a ventilator, was pronounced dead on Thursday morning when his heartbeat ceased. His mortal remains were in transit from Patiala to Karnal to facilitate the observance of his final rites.

En route to the cremation ground, the ambulance transporting Brar encountered a pothole near Dhand village in Haryana's Kaithal. To the surprise of those present, Brar's grandson, accompanying him, noticed a stirring in his hand. Detecting a heartbeat, the family promptly redirected the ambulance to the closest hospital.

After reaching the hospital, physicians affirmed the existence of life and respiration in Darshan Singh Brar. Consequently, arrangements were made for his transfer to a hospital in Karnal for ongoing medical care.The family, considering the unexpected turn of events, has expressed gratitude for what they perceive as a miraculous intervention.

Balwan Singh, Brar's grandchild, shared the astonishing sequence of events. Initially informed of his grandfather's demise, the family had made arrangements for his last rites, and mourners had gathered to pay their respects. A tent had been set up, food arranged, and preparations for cremation were underway. The unforeseen discovery of Brar's vitality prompted a shift in plans, leading to prayers for his swift recovery.

Dr. Netrapal from Rawal Hospital confirmed the incident, emphasizing that when Brar was brought to them, he was breathing and exhibited blood pressure and pulse. However, there remains uncertainty about the circumstances at the initial hospital, raising questions about whether it was a technical error or another factor.

The family acknowledged the critical condition of Brar, mentioning his previous days on a ventilator in Patiala. Although he is now breathing independently, the presence of a chest infection adds complexity to his recovery. Despite the challenges, the family remains hopeful and attributes Brar's unexpected revival to a divine intervention, expressing gratitude for the chance to witness his breathing and anticipating improvements in his health. The incident serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of life and the resilience that can emerge even in the face of seemingly irreversible circumstances.