Over the recent days, you may have observed a recurring caption appearing on both your Instagram and TikTok feeds: "Mama. Kudos for saying that. For spilling."

This peculiar phrase might accompany your friend's updates on cruise experiences or witty observations. It has even been adopted as titles for podcast episodes. One user on platform X hailed it as a "permanent piece" of vernacular.

Continue reading to uncover the origin of this line and its various internet applications.

Where does the line come from?

Similar to numerous noteworthy trends on the internet, the phrase "Mama. Kudos for saying that. For spilling" traces its origins back to "RuPaul’s Drag Race."

@rupaulsdragrace “I have been HIV-positive for about two years now.” Thank you @Q for sharing your story and helping to end the stigma.#DragRace #RPDR #hivawareness ♬ original sound - RuPaul’s Drag Race

In the March 15 episode of "RuPaul’s Drag Race," a contestant on the show bravely revealed their HIV positive status.

Q, whose real name is Robert Severson, became emotional as they recounted facing stigma related to their diagnosis.

"People have said some really awful, nasty things to me and almost dehumanized me," Q shared. "But I’m here, I’m on ‘Drag Race’ and living my dreams."

In response to Q's courageous disclosure, Plane Jane, also known as Andrew Dunayevskiy, expressed support by saying, "Mama, kudos for saying that. For spilling."

Viewers of the show perceived Plane Jane's reaction as not completely aligned with the seriousness of Q's disclosure, despite its genuine intent.

"Plane’s response here is ABSOLUTELY sending me. So unserious," remarked culture writer Evan Ross Katz on X, the platform previously known as Twitter. The post has garnered 3.6 million views since.

What does it ... mean?

The majority of memes featuring this phrase involve juxtaposing the lighthearted sentence with moments from pop culture. Typically, these memes depict two characters engaged in a conversation or making a confession of some kind.

In these memes, one character delivers a serious statement akin to Q's disclosure, while the other character responds with the enthusiastic yet tonally mismatched line, "Mama, kudos for saying that. For spilling."

For example, consider the meme below, where the phrase serves as a caption for a dramatic interaction between Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in the 2008 film "Doubt."

Another example is a meme that inserts the line into the poignant dialogue between a father and son in "Call Me by Your Name." Additionally, Olivia Colman's acclaimed "Heartstopper" speech, where she reacts to her character's son coming out, has been given the meme treatment.

So did Barbie’s meeting with her creator in “Barbie.”

People also use the audio after recapping moments in their own lives. They are the ones spilling.