Lady Gaga has expressed her disappointment after Dylan Mulvaney's International Women's Day post faced "such vitriol and hatred." On March 11, the "Born This Way" singer shared a photo of herself with the transgender actor and activist on Instagram, along with a lengthy message addressing the "appalling" comments on Mulvaney's March 8 post.

Gaga began by stating her dismay at the negativity, clarifying that the hateful responses are not mere "backlash" but rather an expression of violence. She emphasized that the term "backlash" would suggest dissatisfaction from those who love or respect them, which is not the case. Gaga asserted that this is an instance of pure hatred.

The singer expressed her lack of surprise, citing the evident work still needed in society to embrace and uplift transgender lives. Gaga conveyed her protectiveness not only towards Mulvaney but also the entire transgender community, acknowledging their resilience in the face of degradation and violence.

While acknowledging that she does not speak for the entire community, Gaga called for unity among all women on International Women's Day. She emphasized the need for continued celebration until all women are treated equally, extending the call for equality to people of all gender identities and races.

Gaga concluded by advocating for understanding and compassion toward the complexity and challenges of transgender life. She rejected the use of "backlash" to describe hatred, urging for a better discourse and expressing her love for people. Gaga emphasized that everyone deserves peace and dignity, concluding with a heartfelt message of love and appreciation.

Mulvaney responded to Gaga's post with a heartfelt comment, saying, "You mean the world to me. Love ya."

In a previous interview with YEPPOST, the 27-year-old TikTok personality shared her struggles with handling online bullies, especially as she documented her transition journey for her followers. Mulvaney acknowledged the challenges of dealing with people who disapprove of her choices and expressed sensitivity to the negativity she encounters online.

Addressing online haters in a video, Mulvaney revealed her vulnerability, stating that the criticism can make her cry and emphasizing her humanity as a real person.

In April 2023, Mulvaney faced online backlash for a sponsored post for Bud Light, with notable figures like Kid Rock and Travis Tritt boycotting the beer due to its association with Mulvaney. Despite the controversy, a spokesperson for Anheuser-Busch affirmed their commitment to existing partnerships and CEO Brendan Whitworth stated that the company would continue supporting the LGBTQ community despite the backlash.