Kristen Wiig made a triumphant return to "Saturday Night Live," bringing back one of her beloved characters.

On April 6, Wiig earned her membership in the prestigious Five-Timers Club, marking her fifth time hosting the show since her departure as a cast member in 2012.

During her comeback on "SNL," the actress resurrected her character Aunt Linda for a segment on "Weekend Update," offering her take on some of the most popular movies and TV shows of recent times.

To start off her appearance, Wiig mistakenly addressed current "Weekend Update" co-anchor Colin Jost as the segment's former co-anchor, Seth Meyers, who left the show in 2014.

"Well hello, Seth," she greeted Jost. "Someone's gotten some work done."

Wiig's Aunt Linda kicked off her reviews with the summer 2023 blockbuster and Warner Bros' highest-grossing global release, "Barbie," dismissing it as "90 minutes of stinko."

"I didn’t get it! Is she a doll that comes to life? It didn’t make any sense!" Wiig exclaimed. "And where are they, on the moon? And there was so much pink! The only good thing that came out of it is I was reminded to take my Pepto Bismol."

Wiig also had critiques for "America Ferrari," quipping, "Save your speeches for women’s livers, I love wearing a bra!"

Attempting to poke fun at Ryan Gosling, Wiig admitted defeat, telling Jost, "He’s very hard to make fun of."

Wiig also took on another major release from the summer of 2023, "Oppenheimer." When asked by Jost if she enjoyed the movie, she simply quipped, "Nopenheimer."

"Directed by Christoper No Thanks. Why on earth would anyone make a movie about the person who invented the microwave?" she scoffed.

When Jost inquired about other confusing shows or movies she had watched, Wiig playfully jabbed, "Don’t get smart, Tiny and Amy," in reference to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, former co-anchors on "Weekend Update."

Aunt Linda then disclosed her foray into television and mentioned watching a show with a "very misleading title" called "The Bear."

"I thought it was going to be about bears living in the woods or, at the very least, a sitcom about a hairy, doughy gay man who also raises his sister’s kids," she remarked. "Spoiler alert: it's about a restaurant. And why is everyone in the kitchen so unorganized? Here’s a novel idea: Hey chef, stop doing so many sit-ups in your Calvin clingers and hire more people."

Wiig lamented that she "didn’t learn how to cook one thing," adding, "Rachael Ray would be rolling in her grave," before co-anchor Michael Che humorously reminded her that Ray is "very much alive."

Jost insisted that before wrapping up the segment, Aunt Linda must have at least one show she enjoyed.

"Not liked, loved. I laughed, I cried, I started it again the minute it was finished," Wiig replied before unveiling her affection for "Paw Patrol."

She elaborated, "Dogs saving the world in uniforms? That's right up my alley, and this show went straight up it!"

"I got an idea, send the pups to chop vegetables over at 'The Bear,'" Wiig exclaimed before launching into another rant. "Why is he so upset? He found a bunch of money in the tomato sauce! And what the heck is Kenergy?"

Wiig disclosed on Conan O’Brien’s podcast, "Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend," that Aunt Linda was her favorite character.

She recounted how the character came to be, explaining that Aunt Linda "was based on someone that was on a plane" whom she encountered while watching a communal movie during the flight.

"It was 'The Matrix,' and she was so confused. She was just like, 'Whaaat?' Why is he flying?'" Wiig imitated in her Aunt Linda voice. "She was so loud. I was listening to her and writing down things she was saying…She was so upset and confused, and it just made me laugh."

Throughout her seven seasons at "SNL," Wiig had several recurring fan-favorite characters in addition to Aunt Linda. These included the mischievous Gilly, lover of surprises Aunt Sue, one of The Maharelle Sisters, Dooneese, and the ever-nervous Penelope.

Wiig also recently revisited her beloved character Target Lady in a new ad to promote Target Circle Week.