It has been reported that the famous supermodel Kim Kardashian does not wish for her ex-husband Kanye West's new spouse Bianca Censori to come into contact with their kids.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's connection had always been strained, which is why they were never referred to as a "Hollywood trending couple." Since their divorce, the two have been in constant disagreement, which has been featured in various news stories.

Heat Magazine has reported that the beauty mogul is in conference with her lawyers to tackle the situation. Kim was livid when her attorney declared that there were no special means to keep Bianca away from the kids; if Ye wants his children to frequently be with their stepmother, Kim has no power to intervene.

What is Kim anxious about?

Kim is having difficulty managing the circumstance, as it is unprecedented to her. She made attempts to avoid the gathering, yet she had no legitimate power to do so. Consequently, she has to accept it since Kanye has parental rights.

Attorneys are pushing the ex-lovers to communicate their apprehensions regarding the children in a candid conversation. Kim, who is not content with Bianca's involvement, has come to a conclusion about how they will move forward and what role Kanye's new wife will have as a stepmother to Kanye’s and Kim’s children.

When they reached an agreement on joint legal and physical custody in December, Kanye also consented to pay Kim $200,000 in child support. Being that Kanye has confessed that Kim takes charge of their children most of the time, it's hard to tell how much time the children are actually spending with him and Bianca.