During the opening ceremony of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Paris, NBC Sports' Mike Tirico will find himself in esteemed company. On the March 12 episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Tirico revealed that he, along with Kelly Clarkson and Peyton Manning, would take on the role of hosting the event.

"I am thrilled to share the news that Peyton Manning, Kelly Clarkson, and myself will have the honor of hosting the opening ceremony of this year's Summer Olympics in Paris," Tirico announced to a jubilant crowd, marking the occasion with applause.

"I'm thrilled we can finally share it. We've been keeping this under wraps," Clarkson chimed in.

For Manning, the experience holds a special significance. He recounted how he made a promise to his mother during his high school years that he would one day take her to Paris. Now, he's fulfilling that pledge.

"It's been thirty years since I graduated, and I'm finally making good on my word by taking my mom to Paris for the Olympics," Manning reflected on the milestone.

When is the Olympic opening ceremony and how to watch

This occasion will signify Tirico's fourth stint as the host of the opening ceremony, scheduled for July 26 and set to air on NBC, Peacock, and Telemundo. Meanwhile, Clarkson and Manning will be stepping into their inaugural roles as Olympic hosts. Notably, the ceremony will take place along the Seine River, marking a departure from tradition as it will be the first time the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics won't be held in a stadium.

"The opening ceremony is going to be such a unique and different experience, along the Seine, with the athletes on a boat," Tirico shared with Fallon. "It won't be in the stadium where they usually walk in. It'll truly embrace Paris."

While the trio will oversee the opening ceremony, Tirico made a playful attempt to convince Fallon to join him for the closing festivities.

"Do I need to get down on one knee? Will you say yes?" Tirico teased.

"Are you serious? Is this happening? I'm in!" Fallon exclaimed, sparking excitement among the audience and his fellow hosts, Tirico, Manning, and Clarkson.

Rising from behind his desk, Fallon joined the other three hosts, exclaiming, "The dream team right here!"

Clarkson embraced the humor in the unexpected trio of herself, Manning, and Tirico, jesting, "You'll never catch these three individuals collaborating on anything else. This is by far the most unexpected venture, and I'm all in for the journey, folks." She then extended a warm invitation for them to appear on her daytime talk show on March 13th.