Karol G and Feid, both renowned Colombian singers, have a history of collaboration and touring together, establishing a strong connection over the years. However, in recent months, the duo, aged 33 and 31 respectively, has seemingly confirmed the long-rumored romantic aspect of their relationship by publicly holding hands and being photographed together.

The confirmation came during a heartwarming moment backstage at the 2024 Billboard Women in Music event on March 6, where Karol (Carolina Giraldo Navarro) and Feid (Salomón Villada Hoyos) shared a sweet interaction.

Karol shared a photo on her Instagram the next day, subtly including an image of her and Feid holding hands in the slideshow. The final photo showcased the pair smiling as they walked hand in hand backstage.

Feid reposted the photo on his Instagram, captioning it with, “Queen of my life.” This post led many fans to conclude that the "última foto," or last photo, was a subtle confirmation of their romantic involvement.

Despite keeping their relationship relatively private, fans are eager to learn more about the timeline of Karol G and Feid’s connection.

2021: Romance rumors and the 'Friki' collaboration

Speculation about a romantic involvement between Karol G and Feid initially surfaced in 2021 following their collaboration on the song "Friki."

This musical collaboration marked their first joint project, and in the accompanying music video, the duo not only showcased their artistic synergy but also appeared intimately close, dancing together on stage. The release of "Friki" heightened the rumors of a romantic connection between the Colombian singers.

2021: Feid goes on tour with Karol G

In 2021, Feid had the opportunity to be the opening act for Karol G's "Bichota" U.S. arena tour. Reflecting on the experience, he shared with Billboard, “I feel that 90 percent of people saw my show for the first time.”

He candidly expressed the challenges of transitioning from being a prominent figure in Colombia, topping charts, to performing in places like Sacramento, California, where he faced the contrast of having only five people in the audience cheering. Feid acknowledged the difficulties of adapting to different audience sizes and reactions during the tour.

May 2022: Feid speaks out on romance rumors about him and Karol G

Despite ongoing speculation about their relationship, Karol G and Feid maintained a low profile regarding their romantic involvement. In a May 2022 interview with El Tiempo, the "Classy 101" artist was questioned about his relationship with Karol.

In Spanish, Feid responded, “If I had something to say, I would tell you everything, but I don’t have anything to share. We made a song, I was with her on tour, I love her a lot and everything, but there’s nothing beyond that.” This statement indicated that while they collaborated professionally and shared a close bond during the tour, Feid did not reveal any further details about their personal relationship.

March 2023: Karol dedicates a song to Feid

During a Karol G concert at Estadio Hiram Bithorn in Puerto Rico on March 10, 2023, Feid made a special appearance, joining Karol on stage to perform their song "Friki." Videos shared online by attendees captured Feid complimenting Karol, noting her excellent dancing skills. The audience enthusiastically urged a romantic moment, shouting "kiss, kiss" in Spanish.

Later in the concert, Karol gave a shoutout to Feid. While performing her song "Tus Gafitas," she addressed the crowd in a video shared online, saying, “This song is for Feid.”

The title "Tus Gafitas" translates to "your sunglasses," leading fans to speculate that it might be a playful reference to Feid's distinctive accessory. The song, featured on Karol's album "Mañana Será Bonito," includes teasing lyrics about falling in love and expressing a desire to spend time with a new person.

“I’ve been alone for a while and I don’t know how to act / It’s obvious that I like you and I can’t hide it,” she sings in Spanish. “Time goes flying when you’re with me / I didn’t believe in love, but for you I believe again.” The lyrics add a layer of romantic intrigue to their connection.

June 2023: Karol G and Feid put their PDA on display

On June 16, 2023, Karol G showed her support for Feid as he closed his Ferxxo Nitro Jam Underground Tour in Miami. Attendees shared videos capturing Karol dancing to Feid's songs and enjoying the event.

After the show, photos emerged of the duo backstage, holding hands and radiating joy, seemingly confirming their romantic relationship. In the pictures, Karol sported multi-colored green pants paired with a white crop top, smiling while looking at Feid, who wore black shorts and a white tee.

Days later, a Twitter account shared a video depicting Karol and Feid walking hand-in-hand backstage, immersed in the celebratory atmosphere with those around them.

Despite these public displays, both artists have chosen not to address their romance publicly or share details on their social media platforms since then.

August 2023: Karol talks about Feid

In a Rolling Stone interview, Karol G discussed a song she was working on titled “Verano Rosa,” intended to feature Feid. Describing the track as a song about heartbreak, she expressed, "It’s the best part of it all." While Karol did not explicitly confirm their romance, her smiling demeanor during the response seemed to suggest that there was something more than just a professional collaboration between the two.

The writer also observed an interesting detail during the interview – when picking up Karol's phone mistakenly, the background displayed a candid photo of Feid, providing a subtle yet intriguing glimpse into their connection.

Sept. 2023: Karol G and Feid hold hands in New York City

Maintaining their silence regarding their relationship status, Karol G and Feid were photographed holding hands as they exited a building before Karol's September concerts at MetLife Stadium and her VMAs performance. In the pictures, the "Amargura" singer appeared to be in good spirits, smiling as she and Feid held hands in public, greeted by a crowd of fans. Despite the public display of affection, both artists continued to refrain from publicly addressing the nature of their relationship.

Nov. 16, 2023: Karol G wins best urban album at Latin Grammys and shares sweet moment with Feid

Karol G and Feid were both present at the Latin Grammys in Seville, Spain on November 16, 2023, although they didn't make a joint appearance on the red carpet. When Karol G's "Mañana Será Bonito" was announced as the winner for the best urban album, she hurried over to her rumored partner, embracing him before heading onstage to accept the award.

Expressing her disbelief, Karol G delivered her acceptance speech in Spanish, saying, "I can’t believe that this year, the winner of the best urban music album is a woman." She expressed gratitude to her fans for their love and emphasized the album's special significance to her.