Only two days after the news of their separation broke, Joe Manganiello has initiated divorce proceedings against Sofía Vergara.

In 2015 Sofía and Joe said goodbye to the single life, tying the knot in November. After having been married for seven years, the couple declared on Monday that they had sadly decided to end their marriage.

As two people who deeply revere one another, we respectfully plead for some privacy as we begin this part of our journey.

Joe took action by submitting paperwork late on Wednesday, following Sofía's excursion to Italy for her 51st birthday celebration.

Magic Mike star, it appears, has teamed up with the well-known divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, who has a history of representing famous people in their respective divorces, including Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie.

The evidence appears to show that the duo have a prenuptial agreement in place to safeguard the riches both parties earned during the marriage; Ms. Sofía having the more lucrative amount in her possession at $180 million, in comparison to her ex-husband's $40 million.

The filing for their divorce showed "irreconcilable differences," yet some sources stepped forward later to hint at the cause which may have been their diverse outlooks over the last while.

According to what the insider divulged, their contrasting attitudes sparked tension: she had a quick temper and a tendency to blow things out of proportion while Joe was laid back and not fazed by most issues. As their feelings deepened, the differences became sources of conflict and work took precedence over fun activities.

Source two likewise reported to People that the two celebrities have different tastes and preferences, and have had their struggles, however, project the image of an unwavering couple in public.

Despite the filing, news sources like People and TMZ assert that differences in Sofía and Joe's views regarding having children added to the decision to divorce.

Sofía experienced motherhood at a young age when she gave birth to Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, aged 31, in her home country of Colombia. She is the mother of Manolo, having shared him with her ex-husband, Joe Gonzalez, when she was nineteen.

Sofía and her ex split up shortly after Manolo's birth, and in 1998 — after her brother was fatally shot in Colombia — she, her son, and her family relocated to the US, where she quickly achieved celebrity status as an actor.

While her career was flourishing, Sofía's private life turned chaotic in 2014 when she separated from entrepreneur Nick Loeb.

After becoming engaged in 2012, Nick and Sofía decided to utilize in-vitro fertilization to produce two embryos, intending to have a child through surrogacy. The embryos were ultimately conserved in the frozen state, yet never employed.

After severing ties, Nick initiated an extended legal quarrel related to the custody of the frozen embryos. With no approval from Sofía, he desired to eventually bring the embryos to birth and presented them with titles in courtroom documents.

In 2017, Sofía responded with legal action, filing a suit in the state of California, to halt her ex-partner's use of the embryos. Fortunately, after assessing the case, the judge ruled in her favor, consequently preventing Nick from becoming a parent to the embryos without her go-ahead.

Focusing on present day, multiple sources have declared that Joe sought to end his marriage to Sofía due to a difference in opinion on whether to have children. Evidently, Joe desired to have kids while Sofía preferred not to.

Needless to say, we won't know for sure. Hopefully, with no children to think about, their divorce proceedings will be smoother as the two go through the process of ending their marriage.