For her daughter Birdie's 4th birthday, Jessica Simpson put together a unicorn-themed celebration.

The vocalist shared pictures of the festivity on Instagram Thursday, commending the "enchantment" of the baby.Simpson, who is 42, stated that this wonderful unicorn child illuminates all the colors of the rainbow. She pointed out that the small girl is expressively and easily herself, dancing through her life with tutus and having an exclusive perception inside her soul of glitters and sparkles.

In the celebration's photos, Simpson and Eric Johnson can be seen smiling with their two oldest children, Maxwell and Ace, aged 10 and 9, respectively. The singer was wearing a purple furry coat and a vibrant dress.

For Birdie, who celebrated her fourth birthday on Sunday, she had an array of dazzling decorations. Her look consisted of face paint in the shape of a unicorn, a purple dress adorned with sparkles and a pink jacket. The affair was a vibrant one, with a cake modeled after a unicorn, a selection of candy, and balloons in a metallic hue. To top it off, Simpson provided a peek into Birdie's morning when family members greeted her with doughnuts and party hats.

Johnson, 43, and the “Dukes of Hazzard” actor had the pleasure of Birdie's presence in 2019, two years after Simpson made a humorous statement to Ellen DeGeneres that she was done having kids. She described baby No. 3 as a “surprise” in her 2018 pregnancy announcement.When Birdie became a part of the family, Simpson declared to People that caring for three kids was quite a challenge since they were all in distinct stages.