Talking is an innate desire for all people, however the methods in which we express ourselves differ widely from place to place. Every culture carries its own unique peculiarities that makes human beings marvellously diverse.

Humans have innumerable distinct methods of communication, ranging from thousands of languages to unique speaking styles, speech patterns and body language that are easily identifiable.

As an illustration, the Italian "finger purse" serves as an example.

Italian people famously use their hands to communicate, and the finger purse is a well-known example. This gesture is created when the tips of the fingers and thumb are drawn together and pointed upwards, which may be repeated in a back and forth or up and down motion. Depending on where you are in Italy, the intensity of the sign may differ, yet it remains a popular way to let someone know they are confused, frustrated or annoyed. Additionally, the finger purse is often incorporated in conversation with a rhythm of emphasis on key words.

It's a classic Italian gesture we might think of when picturing a grandma or grandpa, but it takes on a whole new level of humor once seen from a little person. @guiseppe_matilde first shared a video on TikTok that featured a toddler vociferously expressing her thoughts in Italian, accentuating her words with arm motions.

In comments from Italian speakers, the little girl is telling a tale of an individual making a negative remark about her wearing a miniskirt. u/shykawaii_shark on Reddit imparted:

Mother: That's right!Daughter: They said 'What sense does going out with a miniskirt make?' But all I could think was why should anyone care about the fashion choices I make! So my answer was stick to your own sense and wear what you want!Mother: That's the spirit!Daughter: No sense listening to other people criticize what I choose to wear - I'm keeping my miniskirt and wearing it with pride!

This video exemplifies how heritage is transferred across successive generations. Australia conducted a survey illustrating that humankind has a tendency to imitate adults, unlike animals which only copy behavior if it is reasonable and necessary for the job at hand. Moreover, even extraneous or immaterial actions are likely to be mimicked by humans.

@giuseppe_matilde Secondo voi ha ragione matilde ? #foryoupage @Giò Canaletti suono originale - Istagram Matilde_vaccar

Imitating superfluous movements can be seen as a part of human culture. Italians still do the traditional finger purse, even though it's not necessary, and it is passed down through the generations. This is something to be thankful for because it's just so cute to watch little Italians using their unique sign language.