How To Save Money?

How Does A Person Find Their Why In Regard To Managing Their Money?

I have a budget, but I can’t seem to stick with it.

I think it has to do with fear and scarcity from growing up.

I really want to get a handle on my finances.

Well, Well, Number one, you’re not alone.

This can be a really hard one because it kind of is a big question.

And just to know as well that your “why” can change during your life and it probably will and that’s okay.

So maybe your “why” has to do with something bigger than yourself.

And this is one thing I challenge people on.

For your “why,” if your “why” you wanna win with money is just to go on a great vacation or your why is just to buy a brand new car, like those are not bad things, trust me, I love a vacation, I love a new car, but if that’s your only motivator is just stuff, it gets to this point where that starts to become demotivating because once you get that thing, you’re gonna want the next thing and the next thing.

And if that’s your ultimate, it’s not great.

So ask yourself, “Why?” Maybe a vacation, for example, why do you want to take a great vacation?

Is it because you want to spend time with your kids and you’re like, “Oh, I just want alone time and I want them to experience something great.”

Okay, so maybe your real “why” is your kids and spending that time together.

So how can you create that somewhere else? Or maybe it’s you just want time away.

Okay, well, why do you you want time away?

Is it because your life right now is just hectic and crazy, which amen sister, mine is too, I get it.

But is it because you, like, want to get away from your job and you just hate your job?

Maybe you want a different job. Start asking those deeper questions of what you want because that will get you your why.

Ask what are things in life that you would regret not doing?

That’s a big “why”.

And again, going back to that material thing, this is something I’ve realized throughout my life as I’m like when I can focus on things that I can’t buy, that is the valuable stuff.

When you can focus on things like, again, your family, your marriage, your faith, your friendships, like the things that money can’t buy usually holds some of the greatest value.

So finding your “why” and one of those categories as well is gonna help you to be motivated.

I mean, it really, really is.

And again, it’s a big question, and your “why” could change but that “why” is almost your reward.

When you change a habit, you need that reward, and it can be a small reward from just maybe you hit your budget goals and you just text a friend.

You’re like, “Oh, I did it.”

And they like give you all the emojis and you’re like, okay.

Or maybe the reward is having a glass of wine with your spouse when you guys hit that monthly budget.

Having that reward is really, really important. And so part of that reward too is your why.

So you can start to kind of say, okay, if I start to stick to my budget, and I can save X amount or I can pay off X amount of debt, ‘cause my budget is the tool that’s helping me do these things, I’m able to get to that “why” and those small rewards of knowing that you’re one step closer to your why is gonna help you stick to the budget as well.

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