Breakups are practically unavoidable in life, as few individuals make it through their initial relationship unscathed. As a result, it's essential to acknowledge that we will have exes who we may encounter at a later date. In light of this, there are three significant psychological suggestions to keep in mind for when this day arrives.

Strive for a Cordial Demeanor, But Avoid Over-Familiarity

Encountering your ex in public can be a daunting experience, whether you're alone or accompanied by others. It's crucial to maintain a friendly and composed demeanor during such encounters. It's important to project the same demeanor you would when encountering a work colleague whom you have no personal issues with.

Maintain a calm smile, a pleasant tone, and most importantly, a dignified and courteous approach. However, be wary of crossing the line into over-familiarity or desperation. Such behavior is unbecoming and can be off-putting. Instead, aim for a relaxed and easy-going attitude.

Don't Overstay Your Welcome

Encountering people is a regular occurrence, so there's no need to feel uncomfortable or linger too long. You've exchanged greetings, caught up for a brief moment, and acted like a mature individual... now politely say, "It was nice to see you, take care," and continue on with your day.

If they genuinely desire to converse with you, they know how to contact you, and it's up to you to decide whether or not to engage. However, at this moment, this brief encounter is not a planned get-together, so don't make it one.

Don't Worry, You're Beautiful

How many times have you heard a friend fret over bumping into their ex on a day when they're not looking their best? Maybe they're having a bad hair day, or they didn't put on any makeup, or they're just wearing some stained old clothes… But it's time to stop!

Remember, this is your ex we're talking about. They've already seen you on those bad hair days and without makeup. They've seen you in your pajamas, when you were sick with the flu, or when you had that weird rash from a sandwich. But here's the thing: you always look fine.You don't have to appear ideal continually, as even your ex doesn't demand that.

And the person you're meant to be with? They're going to think you're beautiful no matter what. They'll love you before you even wash your face in the morning. So don't worry, you're beautiful just the way you are.

Be Ready for Unexpected Encounters

Encountering an ex-lover is always a possibility, so it's important to be emotionally prepared.

Take a moment to practice your reaction in front of a mirror, if necessary. Keep it brief, no more than a minute, and remain composed and dignified, with a genuine smile. Remember, you look amazing and they already know that.

Above all, keep in mind that they are just a person like you and me. There's no need to panic, so take a deep breath and stay calm.