Man boobs. I'll explain how to get rid of them naturally.

They've been called a lot of things, man boobs move, man breasts etcetera and they can be a little bit embarrassing, but they can also be a big health problem and they can also be an indicator of other things that aren't working. 

So not only are we looking at more cancer rates in men, uh and there's also a rise of breast reduction surgeries for men, but how do we fix this naturally? Well, we have to understand the mechanism. So hormones are in the human body that causes what regulate fat deposits. And the male hormone dominating hormone is called testosterone. In females, the corresponding hormone is called estrogen and while insulin is a fat-storage hormone in general, it pushes fat into cells.

In general, estrogen is a hormone that tends to put fat in places where females usually have a little bit more padding typically hips and breasts and both sexes. Both men and women have both hormones but in different amounts. So many men have testosterone and estrogen and vice versa. The problem is when these get out of balance. So there's an enzyme called aromatase taste and it has an action of taking testosterone and turning it into estrogen. It increases, it speeds up the rate of conversion from testosterone to estrogen, and aromatase taste is upregulated by insulin.

So you eat a bunch of carbohydrates, you get insulin resistance, You up-regulate aromatase taste and now you turn a lot of your testosterone into estrogen. So a lot of these men will then go and say, oh well I don't feel so energized anymore. I don't have a lot of the energy and function that I used to have. And so they run some blood tests and they find, hey, you're low and testosterone, let's give you some testosterone shots or let's give you a testosterone cream.

But if they're insulin resistant, if they're upregulated on aromatase taste, they'll give them more testosterone that turns into more estrogen. So it defeats the purpose. These testosterone supplements are simply increasing estrogen and it makes the issue even worse. So again, we can't look at one isolated incident, We can't look at one line on a blood test and say, here's the problem, Let's interfere, let's intervene in that area.

We have to look at where is this coming from? So again, it's the carbohydrates driving insulin that sets this whole process in rolling. So if it sounds like I'm saying the same thing a lot that carbohydrates are the root of all evil. Well, it's because it is, it is a foreign food to us. We've never consumed large amounts of it in our history on the planet. So when we make huge changes, the body will adapt and we create imbalances.

But it's not the body that creates the imbalance, it's the change in the lifestyle and the environment. So if you want to get rid of your man boobs then get healthy, reduce your resistance with less carbohydrate in your diet and more exercise, ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting. All of those work to reduce insulin and increased growth hormone that will help balance out this hormone situation. So like many of our modern ailments and diseases and sufferings, this one is also getting out of hand. And so please share this information with people that you know because they all need to know how to solve these problems naturally.