How To Clear Clogged Milk Ducts Naturally

Hi Everyone! Today we will discuss how to clear clogged milk ducts. Here are some home remedies for blocked milk ducts treatment. So apply these remedies to cure clogged milk ducts. These remedies are very effective to unclog milk ducts effectively.

A clogged milk duct is a painful condition experienced by nursing mothers. A clogged milk duct can occur anywhere on the firm section of the breast and even in the armpits. It is characterized by pain, tenderness, and swelling and in case of breastfeeding mothers; it does not allow the baby to nurse properly.

Are you a nursing mother suffering from the blocked milk duct problem? Do you want to get rid of the pain in your breast resulting due to clogged milk duct? If yes, then Here are some easy home remedies which can help you treat the blocked milk duct problem effectively.

Home Remedy 1.


Having a firm massage on the breast with the clogged milk duct can help heal the condition significantly. You can massage with your own hands. After the massage, try to squeeze out the blockage by using your index finger and thumb. Place your fingers at the edge of the areola, press it, and squeeze your fingers towards the nipple. Try this several time a day unclog milk ducts.

Home Remedy 2.

A Hot Shower

Having a hot shower is quite effective in curing the troubles resulting due to the blocked milk duct. Have a hot shower while making sure that the hot water pours over the affected area. Massage your breast under water pressure. You can use coconut oil for the purpose of massage to clear blocked milk ducts.

Home Remedy 3.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is an effective remedy for a blocked milk duct. You can add Epsom salt to your bathtub filled with water, dissolve it, and have a bath. It is to be done before nursing. Clean yourself properly using fresh water as the baby may not find a pleasant taste while breastfeeding. Use this remedy to cure clogged milk ducts.

Home Remedy 4.

Cabbage Warm Compress

Having a warm compress by using fresh leaves of cabbage is an excellent clogged milk duct remedy. Warm fresh cabbage leaf in microwave for a few seconds and then place it on your affected breast for two to three minutes. Follow this after every one hour throughout the day to obtain relief from blocked milk ducts.

Home Remedy 5.


Ice pack is also very useful for clogged milk duct. Crush ice, wrap it in a wet cloth and apply it to your affected nipple just before nursing your infant to minimize the pain resulting due to a clogged duct significantly.

Home Remedy 6.


Chamomile is an excellent herbal remedy to cure blocked milk duct. Take a chamomile leaves and steep it on a hot water for 15 minutes. After it cools, apply the herbs as a poultice on the affected breast area and let it stay on the affected area till it cools. Repeat this remedy many times daily to get rid of inflammation and swelling resulting due to the clogged duct. so apply this regularly to treat clogged milk ducts.

These remedies are very effective to cure blocked milk duct. If these home remedies do not show results, seek medical help immediately.