Here Are The Top 5 Things You Gotta Do While You’re In Las Vegas!

So you’re visiting my town of Las Vegas for a few days and wondering what else is there to do other than just gambling, drinking, and going to strip clubs?! Here’s my personal list of where to go and what do in the gambling capital of the world!

Number 1, Book a Table at a Day Club!

Instead of getting a table at night where it’s tough to see who you’re talking to, and the girls are actually wearing clothes, get a table at a pool party where it’s much more fun. Day parties are much better just because there’s water and sun involved, and basically people are in their underwear.

Number 2, Visit Chinatown!

There’s a decent sized population of Asians here in Las Vegas, so there’s plenty of authentic Asian restaurants to serve the locals and the tourists. One very popular late night spot that caters to the clubbing crowd is Pho Kim Long, which actually has great pho, along with many other great dishes. In Chinatown there are also plenty of all you can eat spots, such as all you can eat sushi and all you can eat Korean BBQ, which keep things in tune with this town of excess.

Number 3, Go to off the strip bars and restaurants!

You can get a prime steak here for much less than what you’ll get on the strip.

Another one of my favorite famous spots is Lotus of Siam, a legendary Thai restaurant that’s regarded as the best Thai restaurant in the US. I’m not a Thai connoisseur so I can’t really tell you if THAT’S true, but what I can tell is that the food IS really good, and that the curries can come with serious heat!

Red Rock is a great way to detox and recharge after you’ve been on a 48 hour bender, cuz we all know that happens! Red Rock canyon has 19 trails of varying intensity; you can find an easy one that basically just involves walking or you can find a difficult trail where you’re scrambling and climbing high on the rocks. During the summer it’s super hot, so I’d recommend coming early in the morning or late in the afternoon to cut down on the heat. The drive around the canyon itself is worth it for the great views if you don’t feel like hiking any trails, or if you’re just dealing with a bunch of hungover people.

This place is just seemingly inexplicable in what it is. If you want some weird entertainment and an even more amazing place to people watch, definitely don’t miss the Fremont Street Experience!

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