Forming a relationship with someone is contingent upon getting to know them on a deeper level.Even if you knew each other as friends before taking the next step, a romantic relationship requires a more profound understanding of your partner. To build a stronger relationship and comprehend your partner better, here are some ideas to keep in mind.

1. Look at their social media

Social media can offer valuable insights into your partner's likes and dislikes, even before you enter into a relationship. However, keep in mind that social media is a curated version of one's life, and you may only see the good parts. If possible, try to strike a balance between social media and real-life interactions to get a complete picture of your partner.

2. Meet their loved ones

People are influenced by those around them, so spending time with your partner's loved ones can help you understand them better. Rather than meeting their family yet, try to get to know their friends and how they converse with them. This can give you another perspective.

3. Have deeper conversations

While most relationships start with small talk, it's essential to have more in-depth conversations to build a deeper connection with your partner. Talking about difficult topics can help you understand their values, beliefs, and worldview. Commence by inquiring open-ended questions and carefully listening to their answers.

4. Pay attention

In the early stages of a relationship, individuals often behave in a manner that is desirable. Nevertheless, by carefully watching their actions and responses, you may be able to catch a glimpse of their actual character. Notice how they treat others, their customs, and their responses to various circumstances.

5. Do activities together

Engaging in activities together can help you understand your partner's interests and personality. It can also generate novel shared moments and reminiscences that can reinforce your bond.Whether it's trying out a new hobby or going on a budget-friendly adventure, find something that you both enjoy.

6. Be there for the good and the bad

Being there for your partner during both the good and the bad times can help you understand them on a deeper level. While the beginning of a relationship may be the honeymoon phase, it's important to support each other through difficult times as well.

7. Listen to them

Listening to your partner is crucial in building a deeper understanding of who they are. When they open up to you about personal topics, actively listen and offer support. By listening to their words and observing their emotions, you can gain insight into their feelings and viewpoints.

8. Ask about their childhood

Childhood experiences can shape a person's worldview and behavior. Asking your partner about their childhood can help you understand them better and why they react to certain situations in a particular way. It can also help you identify any past traumas or triggers that may affect your relationship.

By following these tips, you can better understand your partner's values, beliefs, and personality, creating a stronger connection between the two of you. Remember, it's a two-way street - the more you let your partner in, the more they can understand and appreciate you.