The global anticipation for a young girl to indulge in her craving for French fries has extended beyond a week.

On February 26, Somer Williams, the co-owner and operator of Noble Smokin' Joe's BBQ in Noble, Oklahoma, shared amusing anecdotes on the restaurant's Facebook page. "There's this little one who is really keen on getting French fries. If you happen to have a 4 or 5-year-old with access to your phone, it might be worth checking on them. This kiddo has dialed us about three times, earnestly requesting French fries. Please, bring that sweet baby over here for some much-needed French fries!"

Less than a year ago, Somer Williams and her sister Taylor Wells embarked on their culinary venture by opening their establishment, a spinoff from their dad's Original Smokin' Joe's Rib Ranch.

"We offer a variety of barbecue dishes, with our ribs being the crowd favorite. Additionally, we feature a delightful dessert called Strawberry on a Cloud, which happens to be my grandma's cherished recipe," Williams shared with

Regarding the coveted item that caught the attention of the young enthusiast, she added, "Indeed, we serve fries! They are beer-battered and boast a satisfying crispiness. Our loaded fries come with queso, beans, your choice of meat, sour cream, chives, and side jalapenos. Everyone seems to love our French fries... except for one individual I spotted on Google!" she chuckled.

The post sparked widespread interest, capturing the public's imagination. The original post has garnered 2,800 shares, 5,900 comments, and over 19,000 reactions to date. The business page has seen a substantial increase in followers, numbering in the thousands.

In less than 24 hours, comments flooded in from various parts of the United States and a dozen other countries across every continent. Somer Williams shared, "It started in Australia, then Canada, the U.K., Portugal, Spain, Antarctica, Asia." Followers began offering advice on how to safely fulfill the kids' fry cravings, and they pleaded for updates.

"Sitting in Rhode Island hoping these kids get their fries!" one commenter expressed.

Another chimed in, "Sending luck from the great potato state of Idaho!"

"Hi from Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand, what’s the latest!? Invested," wrote another.

And, "Well, hello all the way from Portugal! This just showed up on my timeline; hope the kid gets his fries!"

The mentioned cities formed a diverse and extensive list: Wilmot, Wisconsin; Tlapacoyan, Mexico; Toronto, Canada; Lusaka, Kenya.

While online comments can sometimes bring out negativity, in this case, everyone shared a common desire to see the kids fulfill their heart's desire. Williams mentioned that she was moved by some commenters reaching out, wanting to contribute and do small acts of kindness, like covering the cost of the fries or sending gifts for the kids.

She later discovered that her mystery caller had interacted with three other employees on the first day, but once Williams got involved, she was determined to solve the puzzle herself. When asked about the time spent on this, she laughed and said, "It took all my time! I have not worked. I've been hyper-focused. I forgot to order my Coke (for the restaurant) this week!"

The following day, Williams provided a detailed account of playing phone tag with her new "French Fry Friend" throughout the day. She identified that there were three children, all girls, and at one point, the oldest girl pretended to be their mom placing an order. Despite the cheeky behavior, Williams, a former elementary school employee, took it in stride. People at the restaurant started inquiring about the "French Fry Girl," and followers from around the world regularly checked in for updates.

Smokin' Joe's capitalized on the fun, introducing a "Lil' Toot special: 1 Rib, French Fries, Dwink, $7. Added a rib bc they also need protein."

Williams navigated a delicate balance, attempting to contact the parents without intruding on anyone's privacy. Clues like a dog named "Beethoven," the name Hailey, and the mention of pre-K provided some leads. However, the children, aware of the potential danger of talking to a stranger, were cautious and intentionally tried to conceal their identities, possibly realizing that their quest for fries might not be entirely appropriate. Williams suspected there might be intentional misdirection.

Despite employing various strategies to connect with the parents, such as enlisting locals to inquire and seeking advice from a police officer friend, she faced challenges. At one point, she humorously lamented, "I feel like I'm being outwitted by toddlers." Nevertheless, her persistent detective work eventually paid off. By piecing together clues from multiple chaotic conversations with all three girls, Williams managed to locate the mom of the two older girls on Facebook.

"Don't be mad at me!" were her first words, and fortunately, their parents found the situation amusing once they got over the initial shock of their kids becoming world-famous.

Williams finally met the French Fry Friends 10 days after the ordeal began, and yes, the girls received their much-anticipated French fries, along with Cokes and popcorn chicken.

Describing the girls after their meeting, Williams shared with, "Very sweet kids, and very much toots. I had that right! They are very inquisitive and very talkative."

It turned out that "Hailey in Pre-K" was the imaginative creation of 5-year-old kindergartener Linda, and 11-year-old Miley played the role of the supposed "mom." Emily, 9, was the original French Fry Girl, with whom Williams had conversed the most. The family had experienced some sadness, as the girls' father had passed away some time ago, making this positive experience a meaningful one for both parties.

Plans are underway to host French fry parties at the girls' schools, and numerous people have expressed a willingness to donate. Williams is taking steps to set up savings accounts for each girl with the assistance of a pro-bono lawyer, ensuring the funds remain secure for them until the little toots reach the age of 18.