Disney has announced that work has begun on the highly-awaited sequel to "Freaky Friday", with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis returning in their mother-daughter roles. The movie studio reached the decision following the success and immense popularity of the 2003 film.

Curtis revealed that there was a demand for a sequel as she traveled the world promoting her recent film, "Halloween Ends." She contacted Disney upon her return and expressed her belief that there was another movie to be made. Lohan also expressed her interest in the project, stating that they would only make something that people would adore.

The first "Freaky Friday" film premiered in 2003, with Lohan portraying teenage Anna and Curtis playing her mom, Tess. The story revolves around a mother and daughter who switch bodies after eating magic fortune cookies, leading to comedic and heartfelt moments. The film also starred Mark Harmon and Chad Michael Murray.

Reflecting on the film's 20-year anniversary, Curtis praised Lohan's talent and professionalism on set. She described her as a versatile actor and highlighted their easy and enjoyable working relationship. Lohan fondly recalled Curtis taking her under her wing and helping her feel more comfortable during the production, including guiding her through her first on-screen kiss.

The news of the sequel was confirmed by Disney, with screenwriter Elyse Hollander attached to the project. The screenplay is currently being developed, and both Curtis and Lohan are in talks to return to their iconic roles. The New York Times reported on the sequel's development during the 20-year celebration of the original film.

Curtis has expressed her desire to play a different role in the sequel, suggesting that she could portray the grandmother of Anna's character. She jokingly envisioned Lohan as the "hot grandma" while she navigates the challenges of parenting in today's world.

In addition to Lohan and Curtis, there are hints that the band Pink Slip, featured in the first film, could also make a return. Lohan's character, Anna, was a member of the band, along with Christina Vidal (Maddie) and Haley Hudson (Peg). The band was responsible for popular songs in the early 2000s, such as "Ultimate" and "Take Me Away." Producer Andrew Gunn teased that the sequel's script incorporates the band and music in an exciting way.

Fans of the original "Freaky Friday" can look forward to seeing Lohan and Curtis reunite on screen once again. The sequel promises to capture the same comedic and heartwarming elements that made the first film a beloved classic. As the project develops, fans eagerly anticipate more updates on the storyline and additional cast members.