Four Steps That For A Sincere Apology.

Oh, I’m so sorry.

Oh, sorry about that.

Yeah, sorry. Have you ever heard that before or has that been you if you have offered sorry, over and over and over again for something that you’ve done in the past and don’t seem to be able to move on from it?

I’m going to share a few about how to offer a sincere apology which works to move you forward. So there’s four steps that I have for a sincere apology.

And the first one is acknowledge that you’ve done something wrong.

Step number two is take ownership for what is yours and you don’t take ownership for what is not yours. And what that means is if you’ve been in a situation where you’ve caused her pain to another person, you’re not responsible for their hurt and pain.

You’re only responsible for your actions and for your behaviors.

And what happens is, as often when we hurt people, we want to take on their hurt and pain to try and make us feel better.

So we’re saying sorry, sorry, sorry.

Taking ownership for the fact that we caused pain in them. Or we’re also saying sorry, sorry, sorry, because we feel so bad inside and we want them to take on our pain, try and help make it go away.

But that never works.

You’ve got to be responsible for your own emotion while other people have to be responsible for their emotion.

But you be responsible for your actions and behaviors that led to the situation, which then takes me just step number three, which is have a plan of action of how you’re going to change things so you don’t get into the situation in the future.

So what you do is you look over, analyze the steps that you went through or the behavior that you went through or what it was about you that led to that type of behavior.

And you do some internal work, you do some deep work, some talking to yourself, some journaling, spend some time alone to figure out what it is you need to do so that you don’t put yourself in that situation again.

Then the first step is you put the plan into action. If you you see yourself getting in similar situations or being in similar environments where you hear your behavior and the way that things are coming out of your mouth or yourself, then catch those.

Watch those, know those.

And so if you have this plan of action that doesn’t include those and they still show up, you still want to be aware of it and always working on slowly moving yourself away from where you were in the first place that caused the issue. Now, it’s important to remember that this isn’t going to happen overnight and it’s not always a one shot deal when you have this plan of action.

It may take time.

Change always takes time.

So if there’s things about yourself that you’ve got to work on so that you can improve, you may still mess up, but not to the same degree or intensity that you did in the past. So it’s important to notice that you are not exactly the same as you were before and you’re slowly making steps to move away from this. Now, if you have offered sincere apologies, you see that you’re growing through and you still feel this residual yucky stuff.

Maybe what you need to do is go through the mourning process to help alleviate some of this.

And hopefully that will be helpful for you.

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