Flaco, the beloved Eurasian eagle owl from the Central Park Zoo, captured the hearts of New Yorkers after embarking on a year-long adventure following a vandal's tampering with his exhibit in February 2023. However, his remarkable journey came to a tragic end when he collided with a building in Manhattan's Upper West Side, not far from Central Park.

The news of Flaco's passing was shared by zoo officials and the World Conservation Society, which operates the Central Park Zoo. After concerned individuals in the building contacted the World Bird Fund, members of a rehabilitation center retrieved the owl, but he was found to be unresponsive. Despite efforts to save him, Flaco was declared dead shortly after and transferred to the Bronx Zoo for a necropsy.

Flaco's disappearance in 2023 had sparked widespread concern and fascination. Someone had cut through the steel mesh of his habitat, allowing him to roam freely around the city. Despite initial worries about his ability to survive in the urban environment, Flaco thrived, feeding on abundant prey and demonstrating impressive hunting and flying skills.

Jacqueline Emery, a birder who documented Flaco's daily movements, remarked on his resilience, noting that many people did not expect him to survive. Flaco's ability to adapt and thrive in the city endeared him to New Yorkers, who followed his story with admiration and affection.

The loss of Flaco is not only a tragedy for the Central Park Zoo and the World Conservation Society but also for the city of New York, where he became a symbol of resilience and the unexpected beauty of urban wildlife. His memory will live on as a testament to the remarkable journeys that wildlife can undertake even in the midst of urban landscapes.