On Freya Rosati's big day, a significant gift arrived from her late father who had passed away two decades earlier – a heartfelt letter. This sentimental gesture made Freya feel like her father was truly present on this momentous occasion.

Freya, aged 32 and hailing from Buckinghamshire, England, has always seen herself as her father's beloved child. She and her father, Philip Hargreaves, shared a special bond, doing everything together. From dance lessons to playing games and watching movies, they were inseparable. However, in 2002, Philip was diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer and given only six months to live.

Aware that his time with his daughter was limited, Philip took the opportunity to write nine letters to Freya, which were meant to be given to her throughout her life. She was presented with eight of these letters for her birthdays, with one commemorating her 21st, and the last intended for her wedding day. According to Freya, the wedding day letter was the most important one.

At the age of 53, Philip passed away, leaving Freya, who was only 11 at the time, without her beloved father. On her wedding day, Freya's mother, Theresa, 68, read aloud the letter that Philip had written for Freya. Theresa shared how instrumental she was in encouraging Philip to write these letters. The letter served as a beautiful way to include Freya's father in the ceremony, essentially acting as the perfect father-of-the-bride speech.

The letter held a concise yet powerful communication. In it, Philip expressed how much he wished he could be next to Freya, walking her down the aisle and being "the proudest dad in the world" as she embarked on the next chapter of her life. He encouraged her to enjoy every moment of her special day, to laugh and cry, and to be happy and confident. Philip also shared his belief that facing life head-on would bring success to her marriage. He expressed how proud he was of her sense of humor, intelligence, understanding, and caring nature, and he urged her never to change. The letter concluded with the words, "Love you forever, dad."

The letter was not the only way that Philip made his presence felt on Freya's wedding day. She wore a diamond necklace that he had given her as a gift, which served as a tangible reminder of his love and support. In retrospect, Freya believes that her father would have loved her wedding and can imagine him saying the words from the letter to her.

The letter from Philip to his daughter serves as a poignant reminder that our time on this Earth is limited. We should make sure to show our love and appreciation to those in our lives while we have the ability to do so, as we never know when that possibility may be taken from us. Freya cherishes the letter and the memories of her father, and she is grateful to have felt his presence on her special day through his words and the necklace he gave her.

This endearing narrative reminds us to savor the moments we have with those we hold dear, creating lasting experiences to remember and reflect on long after they are gone. It also highlights the power that a simple gesture, like a letter or a gift, can have in making someone feel loved and remembered. The letter from Philip to Freya is a testament to the enduring bond between a father and his daughter, and it serves as a source of comfort and strength for Freya as she embarks on her journey of love and marriage.