The precocious toddler now dubbed the "Four Seasons baby" has developed a taste for the luxurious.

“I have a question for everybody — who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” mom Bailey Wise from Tampa, Florida, asks in a TikTok video that has garnered 34 million views.

In Bailey’s video, posted on her sister Stefanie O’Brien's TikTok account, Bailey’s husband, Will Wise, holds their diaper-clad daughter Kate, 1, while their older daughter, Madelyn, 4, stands beside them.

Without a moment’s hesitation, both Kate and Madelyn enthusiastically shout, “Me!”

The family shared their story and travel plans with, discussing their adorable kids and upcoming adventures.

@sobrizzle If the @Four Seasons Hotels ♬ original sound - Stefanie O’Brien

Kate’s enthusiasm—and her surprising comprehension of the luxury hotel—both puzzled and delighted TikTok viewers. Here are some of the reactions:

  • “That baby booked the trip.”
  • “I was not ready for her to fully be aware and speak.”
  • “It's like she waited to hear which Four Seasons before answering.”
  • “The way she flapped her arm at the end because she knew she had to return to baby mode ASAP.”
  • “She’s so little but so grown.”
  • “I aspire to embark upon an extraordinary sojourn to the enchanting realm of Four Seasons Orlando, where opulence and splendor converge in perfect harmony.”
  • “I think the baby is in charge of the family finances.”
  • “That’s a professional human.”
  • “How is this possible?”

These comments reflect the widespread amusement and amazement at Kate's unexpectedly sophisticated reaction.

Bailey told that she originally filmed the video for her parents, hoping they would join her family on an upcoming stay at the Four Seasons Orlando.

“I filmed it before bath time and sent it to my mom,” Bailey explained. The video quickly made its way to the family text chain. Finding it priceless, Bailey’s sister O’Brien decided to share it on TikTok, where it quickly went viral.

Will and Bailey Wise, with daughters Kate (aka Four Seasons baby) and Madelyn, who also enjoys a luxury hotel stay with her parents.Courtesy Cristina Snyder

The family enjoys comments likening Kate to "Boss Baby" from the DreamWorks film, "Stewie Griffin" from "Family Guy," and even an old man.

“Those ones crack me up,” Will Wise tells

“Our family group chat is exploding,” adds Stefanie O’Brien. “We are crying while laughing.”

A spokesperson from the Four Seasons commented to that Kate is “our biggest little fan.”

“It’s been so fun to see all the creative ways that people are reacting and responding,” the spokesperson added. “It’s safe to say the ‘boss baby’ has become a mini celebrity!”

Bailey shared that Kate has always been communicative.

“That’s Kate’s personality,” she explained. “She has a lot of tendencies to mimic Madelyn, whom she learns a lot from. From the day Kate was born, she’s been curious.”

Bailey further noted, “We don’t think much of it because Madelyn was vocal early on as well... neither of them miss a beat.”

Kate’s speech milestones are right on track for her age, Bailey said, although Kate seems to have a deeper understanding of certain topics. “For her age, she is very observant... you can tell she’s attentive and listening and can follow cues about what’s going on when a topic grabs her interest.”

Kate visited the Four Seasons hotel with her family when she was six months old, and she has seen photos and videos of the trip.

And yes, she will be going again.

So when her mom asked the question, Kate was all in—at least, it seems so, her mom said: “I like to believe Kate understood what we were talking about.”