A Louisiana murder suspect, Leon Ruffin, made a daring escape on Sunday while being transported back to jail from a hospital, where he had received medical treatment. Ruffin, who was in custody at the Jefferson Parish jail since his arrest in July on a second-degree murder charge, managed to pepper spray a deputy and steal her marked sheriff's vehicle during the brazen escape.

The incident occurred when Ruffin was being transported from a New Orleans hospital back to the jail after being treated for a seizure. Despite being discharged from the hospital around 6:40 p.m., Ruffin's escape unfolded shortly thereafter in the hospital parking lot. It is believed that Ruffin may have feigned some of his injuries to orchestrate the escape.

According to Sheriff Joseph Lopinto, Ruffin created a disturbance as the deputy prepared to transport him, leading her to exit the vehicle. Ruffin then sprayed the deputy with pepper spray before charging at her and fleeing in the marked Ford Explorer patrol car.

The deputy, who still had her own pepper spray, fired her gun multiple times as Ruffin sped away, though it remains unclear if he was injured. Despite an intense manhunt, Ruffin remains at large, with authorities locating the stolen patrol vehicle in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans.

The deputy, treated for pepper spray exposure, is said to be in good spirits following the incident. Sheriff Lopinto emphasized the ongoing efforts to locate and apprehend Ruffin, underscoring the seriousness of the situation and the need to ensure public safety.

As the search intensifies, authorities are urging anyone with information regarding Ruffin's whereabouts to come forward immediately. The safety of the community is paramount, and apprehending Ruffin is essential to preventing further harm and ensuring justice for his alleged crimes.